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Logistics in e-Commerce Industry

What is logistics?

Logistics is a crucial part of any business model; it refers to the control of the flow and storage of goods into and out of a business. Logistics mainly refers to the safe and timely transportation of goods, therefore it helps to create and increase the value of business offer by ensuring the availability of products and improving merchandise. Today, wise business leaders consider logistics as a very important tool in creating value for customers since better logistics directly impacts the availability of products to an increasing group of people.

Logistics in e-Commerce

In e-Commerce, logistics refers to the processes of shipping orders to customers or transporting inventory to merchants. The process keeps track of goods in transit up to the point of delivery. Efficient logistics management which involves the practice of locating and identifying potential distribution and shipping companies and evaluating their effectiveness, is vital for any business to thrive. For most e-Commerce ventures, it is more cost-effective to outsource logistics to a third-party company that specializes in transport and storage. 

Why does logistics are important in the e-Commerce industry?

Logistics plays an important role in e-Commerce, therefore it is the pillar of e-Commerce. Although most of the transactions happen electronically, physical products need to be shipped to customers using conventional transportation methods. Indeed, if the logistics of an e-Commerce doesn’t work well, the company won’t be profitable and the clients won’t be satisfied. Indeed, good logistics will ensure that deliveries are on time and returns or changes are controlled. 

Today, the continued rapid growth in e-Commerce markets has demanded an equally rapid and innovative response from the logistics industry. Let’s take a look at the importance of logistics in e-Commerce;

Deliver products- Logistics provide timely and efficient delivery of products so that the customer is satisfied and becomes your repeat customer, and in turn, earns you more customers in the long run.

Expand businesses- Logistics services help local SME and other businesses to export their products to other places (domestically or internationally), hence helping them to expand their businesses widely.

Increase customers’ satisfaction – It has been ascertained that the logistics dimension has a big impact on customer satisfaction. This situation is connected to the ability to deliver the right amount of the right product, at the right place, at the right time, in the right condition with the right information. Therefore, logistics flexibility is a fundamental requirement for responding to changing customer needs.

Minimize product damages- Most logistics providers use good packing materials and give ‘handle with care’ tags for delicate items. This will ensure the final buyer receives their items with good conditions.

Help to maintain price- The software used in most logistics warehouses allows many companies to generate visualization, simulation, analysis and optimization of the storage flow and for the reduction of the operation costs. 

Epost Express – Your e-Commerce Logistics Specialist

Established in 2018, Epost Express is an e-Commerce logistics specialist based in Malaysia. We provide comprehensive integrated logistics quality services encompassing the most widespread areas of transportation which include air and sea freight services throughout Southeast Asia.

At Epost, we are highly motivated to solve long-standing problems in the e-Commerce logistics industry and to find the best solution by utilizing technology to address inefficiencies and simplifying complexities in international shipping. Our ultimate aim is to provide better service and help out Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) business through our logistics services. For more information, visit our website Epost Express.

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