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Coronavirus Outbreak


The Novel Coronavirus or officially called 2019-nCov is rapidly spreading throughout China from Wuhan. The virus has shown up in several countries outside of China, including the United States, Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

As of 4 February 2020, the Health Ministry of Malaysia reported 10 cases in the country which involved five cases of patients under investigation (PUI) and five close contact cases. Although no deaths have been reported, steps and safety measures are being taken to contain the virus from spreading to others.

Every day, there’s a new rumor about the 2019-nCov and there are a lot of worried citizens overcome by overthinking and anxiety. The concerns about the possibility of the virus spreading through parcels shipped from China have even been brought up by some fellow Malaysians.

The issue may sound like a joke, but is actually a matter that is taken seriously by our Health Ministry, which has since released official warning to take due precautions when handling parcels from China.

Through a post on their Facebook page, the Health Ministry advised Malaysians to wipe down parcels or items that arrive from China by using tissues soaked in hand sanitizer or soap. “This way, you sanitize the goods,” the statement added.

Taking the concerns seriously, e-Commerce platforms such as Shopee said that it’s disinfecting its transit warehouse in China daily and monitoring the health of its employees.

Lazada said in a statement that “there is no indication of the risk of contracting the Wuhan coronavirus from parcels” and they also claimed that its logistics staff is undergoing daily temperature checks and through strict sanitization process before handling packages.

Meanwhile, as an e-Commerce delivery platform, Epost takes this matter very seriously, hence we are committed to taking safety precautions by sanitizing parcels at all of our warehouses throughout the SEA including Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, and China. This will help to reduce customer anxiety and retain their confidence with our services.

Despite the fact that there is no known scientific evidence to show that the virus can live on the surface of non-living objects for long periods, it is better to avoid any possibility of the virus spreading, no matter how small. As the saying from Benjamin Franklin goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Therefore, we should take steps and safety precautions when handling parcels from China as recommended by our Health Ministry.

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