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Adapting to a new environment in eCommerce, Epost came up with solutions amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Incepted in 2018, Epost is an established Ecommerce logistics specialist providing comprehensive integrated quality logistic services throughout Southeast Asia (SEA). We are highly committed to solve problems in the logistics industry and find the best solutions to boost the growth of Ecommerce businesses.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Epost has created multiple initiatives to meet demands and to adapt to the new environment and the challenges that come with it. Although over 100 countries worldwide have imposed either a full or partial lockdown, Epost and our courier partners are operating as usual and we are always striving to provide the best services in Ecommerce.

Indeed, this pandemic has caused a massive alteration to both supply-side and demand-side of the Ecommerce industry on both local and global scale. In this article, we are going to explore the problems that occur during the COVID-19 pandemic and how Epost came up with solutions.

Difficulties during COVID-19 outbreak

Purchasing face masks offline

In most Asian countries, the government has advised its people to wear a face mask to protect against coronavirus and this measure has been adopted across much of the region since the beginning of the crisis.

The public has been encouraged to wear face masks especially for those who show symptoms and have a high possibility to get infected. However, due to the high demand amid the outbreak, there is a shortage in face mask supply and it is very difficult to purchase face masks offline. 

Suspension of business operation during the MCO

The COVID-19 has spread around the globe and is sending billions of people into lockdown. In most countries, all traditional businesses and stores that are considered non-essential were ordered to suspend operations and only essential businesses and organizations are allowed to remain open and running throughout the movement control period. As a consequence, many traders are not able to run businesses as usual, affecting revenue and cash flows.

Affected businesses also experienced deterioration in performance since both demand and product offerings are declining. Plus, many small-medium enterprises (SMEs) are impacted due to late payments, postponement of projects and overall lack of business activity among clients. 

However, the restricted movement period sees customers’ behavioral changes since many people spend more time on the Internet. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for merchants to focus on online sales and marketing channels to engage customers in a targeted and meaningful way.

Limitation to purchase insurance due to movement control

During the pandemic, there is a high demand to purchase insurance packages. Not only life insurance but also supply chain insurance. However, many people cannot buy insurance packages since their movement is very limited. In fact, many insurance companies were asked to work from home.

To solve these difficulties, we have customized our products and have taken actions to serve our customers and business partners with efficiency and provide the most optimal outcomes during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Efforts

The launching of a special lane only for face masks and medicinal supplies

To overcome the difficulties of getting face masks, Epost has launched an express special lane only for face masks and medicinal supplies originating from China to Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia. With this initiative, everyone can get their face masks from Epost with better quality and cheaper price.

Consequently, Epost managed to help in ensuring that the public had a sufficient supply of face masks, which contributes to contain the spread of COVID-19. To date, Epost has delivered at least 700,000 pieces of face mask and other medical equipment throughout SEA.

Bring SMEs online

To adapt with the changing behaviour of customers who prefer for products to be delivered to their homes rather than shopping at business premises, Epost helps in bringing many SMEs online and selling their Ecommerce products through our delivery services. SMEs who have not previously sold their products online also have taken the initiative to sell their products online to attract customers and to ensure their business can thrive during the pandemic.

Throughout the crisis, Epost operates as usual and provides services not only on a local scale but also on a global scale where we help local SMEs export their products to other parts of SEA. With our services, SMEs can enjoy cheaper rates with insurance coverage and speedy delivery which will contribute to their business costing advantage.

Since Ecommerce is regarded as an essential business activity that is crucial for boosting the economy of a country, the movement control period is opportune for businesses to establish and exploit their online presence. In fact, Ecommerce contributes in creating more opportunities and revenue streams for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes, including traditional businesses, by helping to publicize and sell their products and services online, said Epost CEO,  Tobin Ng.

Recently, Epost has launched a CSR program to help farmers in Sabah to sell their produce through the internet where people can buy vegetables online and be delivered to their home. With this initiative, Epost not only helps in ensuring people have a sufficient food supply during the movement control but also has shown how committed Epost is in helping SMEs through Ecommerce. Indeed, we also help local farmers by linking up the urban and rural areas in Sabah, giving urban consumers access to more agricultural products, directly from the farmers.

In addition to that, we also communicate very regularly with our partners and customers to measure the evolution of their situation. We believe this close relationship will allow us to come up with solutions and adjust our services as closely as possible to our clients’ needs. Overall, Epost never stops evolving in the logistics system to serve the customers and business partners with efficiency and best outcomes. 

Easy access to insurance packages via Sabah Pay’s mobile app

Concerning the limitation to apply for insurance, Epost has launched a new value-added service called Epost Protect. In this insurance product, we offer general and life insurance coverage products to the Malaysian public. To accomplish this, Epost Protect has partnered with Sabah Credit Corporation & BIB Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) to provide Malaysians with easy access to insurance packages via an e-payment system called Sabah Pay’s mobile app.

The reason why Epost CEO, Tobing Ng decided to launch the insurance services with Sabah Pay is because Tobin is from Sabah and he tries to help his local people. Besides, Epost Protect can be purchased all over Malaysia. This means, not only Sabahan, but all Malaysians can get protection under this insurance coverage.

Epost Protect will also contribute in creating more revenue streams for insurance companies, technology firms and traditional businesses through new insurance and financing products.

Now, people can buy insurance coverage online through Epost Protect and all payments can be made online through Sabah Pay, especially during the movement control. Insurance that we provide are such as Covid-19 package, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance, Life Insurance & Pet Insurance.

The Bottom Line

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only devastating lives but also business, income, job stability and economic stability as a whole. As an Ecommerce delivery platform, Epost is highly committed to finding more solutions to overcome challenges and difficulties in Ecommerce during the outbreak. We believe in times of strife like this, businesses must adapt and think to the future to thrive.

With a heavier reliance on online shopping now, the movement control period can be an opportunity for businesses to establish and expand their online presence through Ecommerce. As for Ecommerce merchants, it is important to consult with supply chain management experts at companies like Epost to redesign their supply chain.

Epost has a wide logistics network across Malaysia and Southeast Asia and thus, we believe we will be able to help many businesses to incorporate cheaper and more efficient logistics solutions as well as to manage customers’ expectations through our services.

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